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Financial Management (CFO Management)

We provide financial management services to clients through the function of an external finance director (so-called Outsourced CFO) for a limited time or non-full-time (several hours or days per week).

The external role of the financial director becomes increasingly recognizable, primarily by small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in order to continually manage finance, revenue and expenses, cash flow, financial obligations and project financing, reporting and communications with the accounting department, while owners and management can focus on the business activity, sales and business development.

t is an important moment for owners and management companies to have control of their financial operations and result.

CFO Management advises and provides support in all business segments and all financial-accounting activities and processes such as:

1. Financial analysis, planning and reporting;
2. Organization of business activities and processes in the finance and accounting departments;
3. Improving data processing in financial accounting;
4. Consulting and selecting personnel in finance and accounting (or selecting external accounting services)
5. Consultation on the development or selection of software solutions for accounting and finance (ERP)
6. Communication with banks and other financial institutions, auditors, attorneys and other professional associates and services.

Software Solutions (ERP)

To select new or upgrade existing software solutions, it is important to comprehend the processes and needs of financial and accounting operatives, but the first step is to analyze these processes and data and plan own resources and organizations.

It is important to understand the activity and needs of control and reporting because it is a prerequisite for defining processes and organizations in the best possible way.

This area is extremely demanding and requires a studied and disciplined approach from all involved parties. The process of selecting and deploying software is not a speed-driven process, but if resources and knowledge are invested, the benefits of good business software are always long-lasting.

Human Resources (HR)

For a successful functioning of a company, it is necessary to have an organization that meets the needs of the business itself, and that it is made up of experts in their own fields, motivated in their work and ready for continuous learning.

Without constant professional development, employees at all levels, especially managers, will not be able to provide a high-quality contribution to the company's results. On the other hand, the company as an employer should provide an incentive working environment to attract and retain outstanding individuals.

CFO Management advocates organizational and process analysis, defining organizational needs, setting up or modifying organizations, defining key competencies, job positions, and financial and accounting job descriptions.

It advises and provides support in selecting a financial director, accounting, finance and controlling manager as well as employees in that segment. It carries out mentoring of new and existing employees in order to professionally develop and realize the full contribution of the organization in carrying out its activities. It advises in the area of estimating the development potential of employees in finances, as well as determining the needs for their education in the professional area as well as in the area of soft skills.

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