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Financial Management (CFO Management)

We provide financial management services to clients through the function of an external finance director (so-called Outsourced CFO) for a limited time or non-full-time (several hours or days per week).

The external role of the financial director becomes increasingly recognizable, primarily by small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) in order to continually manage finance, revenue and expenses, cash flow, financial obligations and project financing, reporting and communications with the accounting department, while owners and management can focus on the business activity, sales and business development.

t is an important moment for owners and management companies to have control of their financial operations and result.

CFO Management advises and provides support in all business segments and all financial-accounting activities and processes such as:

1. Financial analysis, planning and reporting;
2. Organization of business activities and processes in the finance and accounting departments;
3. Improving data processing in financial accounting;
4. Consulting and selecting personnel in finance and accounting (or selecting external accounting services)
5. Consultation on the development or selection of software solutions for accounting and finance (ERP)
6. Communication with banks and other financial institutions, auditors, attorneys and other professional associates and services.


Accounting is the alphabet of every business that provides data for making quality decisions.

Accounting is much more than posting (maintaining records of) past business events. Efficient and integrated with all other business processes, quality accounting implies knowledge and application of all regulations and business frameworks, and then discipline in order to record each business transaction correctly and on time.

Only quality accounting provides quality data for monitoring financial indicators and reports that are necessary for quality business decisions.

CFO Management accounting works in the Pantheon application and is a key support to financial management in the reporting and management segment.

Implementation of new processes and ERP systems

The implementation process supports the implementation of strategic decisions (changes) in organizations, which is why it is necessary to combine a number of elements (activities, knowledge and disciplines).

With many years of experience and a professional team, we support the introduction of changes in organizations in order to develop and improve the process, which in a short time affects productivity and business quality.

We join project teams and together with process holders (management and task executors) help define process development and apply tools for various activities in the field of accounting, controlling, finance and human resources.

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