20 years of experience!

We know why it is important to manage finances, optimize business processes, and develop human resources.

All these are prerequisites for successful business and profitability.

CFO Management, in cooperation with company owners and management, analyzes and plans business, prepares financial statements and improves organization and processes, all in order to make quality business decisions.

We are not consultants. We are part of your team!

Why do you need CFO Management?

  • Roko Vodopija, direktor
    CFO Management provided support to us when we needed to analyze the company's business from the accounting, financial, and tax aspects of business operations and identify key areas of improvement. I would like to express quick understanding of our business, professional approach and desire for measurable contribution to our business.
  • Andrea Cvitkovic

    By working with CFO Management we have made a business analysis, optimized certain business processes, and defined internal controls and reports to better monitor important financial indicators.

    Andrea Cvitkovic
    UNLIMITED CROATIA / President & Founder
  • Kristian Škovrlj, direktor
    Collaboration with CFO Managment is always based on maximum professional principles. As a client you always come first and all the information and advice you get is very useful for your business. In their work, a long-standing experience in financial management is evident.
    Kristian Škovrlj, direktor
    Modus Infinitum d.o.o. Zagreb

Our vision

Professional and logistic support for those who do not wish to be small and mediocre but rather than maximize the value of the business and the company.

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